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I got the Evod 1000mah twist battery from KangerTech and also picked up a couple of cheap Smok RBC clearomizers and I picked up a cheap bottle of Ultimate Vapor liquid Hawaiian Delight flavor so first I want to talk about the Kanger Evod Twist.

This is a variable voltage battery. It has 510 and ego thread compatibility so for example I have my Nautilus Mini tank here and it screws right in so it has thread on the inside here and also handed ego threads so you can see it has much larger threads. Those threads are on the outside here. A fully charged battery can support about 11 hours of use. It has the variable voltage here. You can see the switch here on the bottom. The bottom here turns It goes from to volts. It is 133 millimeters in length which is about inches the diameter is 14 millimeters. I have a dime here to compare. So I have the bottom of the dime flash there so it’s pretty thin. It is 650 milliamps, you you click it five times to turn it on. I already have it on and five times to turn it off it has a several safety protections built in Short circuit protection, atomizer protection and low voltage protection it comes in a lot of different colors – black, purple, red, green, blue, stainless, pink, and yellow.

It typically comes without packaging. Mine didn’t come with any packaging at all. They just pulled it out of the display case and handed it to me. It also didn’t come with a charging cable but I bought one for four bucks, so that’s no big deal. You can typically find these online for about 20 bucks. I think retail is $30 which is what I bought it for. I got home and checked out prices online and realized I could get it for twenty dollars so goes show that brick-and-mortar will typically charge more. It seems to work pretty good I tried both the new clearomizer from Smoktech that I bought I have it set all the way up on volts. And here it is working with the Mini Nautilus…Nautilus Mini. So it’s a pretty good battery. I needed, I wanted an extra battery just so I could keep it at work. So now about the clearomizers I bought two. These are Smoktechs RBC, which stands for redux bottom coil. I paid $for each but I’ve seen them online for about three dollars.

Another reason to purchase online as opposed to going to a brick-and-mortar. These are bottom coil clearomizers. They have non-removable drip tips. They are bottom-feed design, so you fill them up the bottom here You unscrew this part here. They come in different colors – black, clear, blue, green, purple, pink, orange, and red. They also come in glossy. So when filling them up, just like any other tank you want to avoid getting the vape juice into the center tube there in the middle. They hold about milliliters of juice and they’re made in China. And lastly, I picked up this bottle of Ultimate Vapor Hawaiian Delight I can’t find anything out about this company.

Supposedly they were formally known as Top Vapor also I can’t find anything about them. It seems to be a discount e-juice. I got the bottle for five bucks. The guy at the vape shop told me that that’s probably the best flavor that Ultimately Vapor makes and it’s pretty good. It’s a medley of coconut, banana, and pineapple. It’s a blend of PG/VG and natural organic alcohol. From what I could find its 80% VG and 20% PG and It’s made in the US. I can take a pretty big hit. I can take a hit until the battery won’t let me take anymore. It doesn’t burn at all. I don’t know if that’s because of the ratio of VG to PG or zero nicotine. I decided to go with zero nicotine for this one, or just because of, you know, the type of juice I doesn’t burn it all. I don’t know if you can see that but the battery blinked once it wouldn’t let me go any longer.

I’m happy with everything that I bought today except for the cost. In the future I won’t be going to another brick-and-mortar store I’ll buy entirely online. One benefit of going to the store was that I could ask questions in person, get their input on any of the devices or the tanks and things like that, and the liquids, but I would just prefer to purchase online from now on. I had originally wanted to buy this new juice, I think it’s a new juice, called Breakfast at Tellios, which is like a, it’s supposed to taste like Captain Crunch and Rice Krispies Cereal with a creamy taste I guess of milk, so it’s like a cereal juice. Sounds really good but it was $22, I already had bought the the battery and the two clearomizer and I don’t think my wife would have been happy if I spent another $22 on a bottle of e-juice, so I just decided to hold of for now Anyway I like the battery I like the clearomizers.

I actually think I’m gonna buy a couple more because they’re so cheap, three dollars, and I can fill them up with a bunch of different liquids so I can just vape whatever I’m in the mood for and they seem to work pretty well. .