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Caught in the act a surveillance camera showing a man breaking into a business and swiping a 75 inch TV right off the wall this burglar took place at VAP Texas that’s off cypress wood in spring channel zoo’s Jake Greiner joins us live now and Jake you spoke with the owner of the shop yes and have some good news to report the glass has been replaced check that out VAP Texas is open for business now the thief this morning didn’t have that much time to do what he did because after he broke in the alarm started blaring oh it’s disappointing this morning I hope he gets caught a man pops out of this u-haul and gets to work using a glass breaker to get in Kate in Austin owns vape Texas with his brother me and my business partner we started actually selling vapes out of my parent’s garage and then it just kind of grew from there and now we have you know two stores instead of going for the expensive vape materials he goes for a big prize the 75 inch TV he knew what he was doing so until he dropped to you yeah until he dropped the TV and that was kind of where it was like he’s maybe an amateur not as smooth as he appeared to be at first he then drags the TV on the ground all the way back to the truck one of the interesting things about this is the thief manages to get the TV off the wall but instead of checking to see if he can get through the door he goes back through the window that he broke now the owners find that suspicious because this door is locked from the inside it’s hard work well we’ve done we you know we put in a lot of time a lot of blood sweat tears into our business and you know to see someone steal it just it’s horrible Harris County precinct 4 is investigating this case and the owners here tell me that if you have any information leading to an arrest and conviction of this guy they’ll give you a thousand dollars reporting live in spring I’m Jake Reiner KPRC Channel 2 News