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Hello! This is Jenny from VapeFully.com and today I’m gonna do a review of the Arizer Go, or ArGo for short. The ArGo is a portable vaporizer manufactured by the Arizer Tech, well known and respected Canadian company. After critically acclaimed Arizer Solo 2 and Arizer Air 2, the ArGo comes with a completely new design and super small size. Let’s have a look at it, shall we? The ArGo is another so-called ultra-portable vaporizer – you can easily hide it in your palm. This means it’s incredibly discreet, even if you use it in public. Moreover, unlike with other Arizer portables, the signature glass mouthpiece is hidden inside the unit, making it much smaller and much more discreet.

The top part of the ArGo is moveable – you can push it in to use your ArGo and after you finish your session you simply push the button on the back of the casing to release the top part for transport or storage. It’s certainly innovative solution but not necessary in my opinion. The ArGo utilizes both convection and conduction to efficiently heat your herbal material. The vapor path is all-glass and therefore the taste is absolutely fantastic – in this department, the ArGo is one of the best vaporizers out there! The vapor is smooth and very potent, one chamber is enough to get you seriously baked. And since the chamber is small (it holds roughly g), the ArGo is definitely one of the most herb conserving vaporizers currently on the market, and that’s great! The ArGo features full-spectrum temperature control, you can adjust it up to a single degree.

It’s much better than a couple of preset temperature settings, that’s for sure. Using buttons and a display you can adjust a number of other settings, for example the autoshut-off timer or volume of the sound alerts. Another cool feature is user-replaceable battery. The ArGo utilizes standard 18650 batteries, which is always well-appreciated. You can buy a spare battery and swap it in no time when needed. Besides that, I like the use-while-charge feature and charging via micro-USB that allows charging with a powerbank as well. Ok, so what are the downsides of the Arizer Go? First of all, the unit gets quite hot with a prolonged use, especially in the heater area. Also, I’m a bit disappointed that glass stems from other Arizer portables are not compatible with the ArGo – many Arizer fans have lots of custom design stems and it would be great if they would fit the ArGo as well.

Unfortunately, they don’t. The last thing is lack of concentrate function – you can only vape dry herb with the ArGo. Besides those minor complaints, I’m absolutely in love with the ArGo – it’s simply one of the best portables currently on the market. You get a trusted Arizer performance in a super compact size.